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When You're Ready to Re-Marry

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

It is time...

Remarriage is a scary thought for many divorcees. Yet there is good news. Going into your second marriage, you have the experience and lessons from your first marriage. As long as your divorce from your previous marriage has become final, you can apply for a new marriage license right now. If your relationship status is in limbo because you and your ex separated years ago but never formalized your divorce, the time to act is now. Getting a divorce is easier than you think. You do not even need a lawyer, just a registered Legal Document Assistant for your divorce documents

Let us tell you how AGillette LDA makes California divorce simple and stress-free, allowing your remarriage to begin in bliss.

Married to Happily Single in 181 Days

The simplest way to get divorced is through a process called an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce, you file one petition with your requests for the terms of the divorce, such as division of property and, if applicable, spousal support. You can finalize an uncontested divorce in just over six months. Once you get through all the steps of uncontested divorce (filing the petition, serving your spouse with papers, and submitting the financial disclosures and marital settlement agreement), the judge can issue a judgment of dissolution of marriage. This judgment contains a date in which your divorce goes into effect. The earliest day for possible remarriage is six months and one day after you served your spouse with divorce papers.

If Your Ex is Nowhere to be Found

If you no longer have contact information for your estranged spouse and want to divorce so you can remarry, you can still complete a California divorce. Instead of serving your spouse with papers in person, you can notify your spouse by publishing an announcement in the local newspaper of the city where you think your estranged spouse lives. Service by publication makes the divorce process a bit more complicated and expensive, but it is an option to get divorced if you want to remarry.

AGillette LDA is the First Step to Moving onto a New Life

Divorce and remarriage do not need to break the bank. Don’t let financial worries postpone the divorce you have been wanting to get. Uncontested divorce and default divorce are within your budget as long as you do not hire a lawyer. If you want to divorce to remarry or simply want a divorce to move on with your life, contact AGillette LDA. Using the divorce services of AGillette LDA is a cost-effective way to prepare your divorce papers professionally by a registered legal document assistant. Contact us at 707.308.1639

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