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What the bleep is a Virtual LDA?

What are virtual legal document assistants? Are they a fad? Is it a real office at all?

Virtual Legal Document Assistants are REAL

AGillette LDA is operated by real, registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants (LDA), offering real legal document services, utilizing technology to better accommodate the demands of legal consumers.

Technology is evolving and is here to stay. Virtual LDA's are just one disruptive delivery model that can help the legal profession adapt to these changes.

The Difference is Delivery of Our Services

AGillette LDA is truly virtual practice. We offer our legal services entirely online. Interactions with clients are virtual, such as email or utilizing a client portal. We provide easier access to our clients and the flexibility to meet evolving consumer demand.

AGillette LDA utilizes technology in order to decrease or eliminate paper files and documents. One of our key components is a client portal. Interacting through a secure client portal allows our clients the ability to view and share documents, make payments, and communicate directly with our office. Being virtual provides more convenience to our clients in their interactions with our office. Our clients can schedule meetings directly with our office and conduct that meeting from the convenience of his or her home or office without the hassle of taking extra time off of work to trek across town to an office.

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