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Virtual Divorce Services

We all know, it is easy to find expensive divorce services in California. Nowadays, it's just as easy to find cheap online divorce services as well. While it only makes sense to be wary of the exorbitant prices charged by many divorce attorneys, it does not mean that you should go for the cheapest possible option when choosing an online divorce service.

Even a simple divorce involves real legal documents, therefore it is best to work with a real legal document professional who offers the best of both worlds – online divorce services at a reasonable price. AGillette LDA offers this and much more.

Belong to the 99%

If you do not have millions of dollars of marital property, you probably do not need a lawyer. Since California is a community property state, there is less room for disagreement about dividing your community property. For the 99%, divorce is just paperwork, and California has its own category of professionals qualified to prepare divorce paperwork professionally. These are legal document assistants. A legal document assistant can be a stress-fee option to complete your low cost divorce proceedings. Know When Spending a Little Bit of Money Will Save You a Lot of Money

Low cost divorce is a very real possibility. Free divorce and completing your own divorce forms, not so much. With divorce apps and free online advice, you get what you pay for. Trying too hard to pinch a penny will lead to costly mistakes. It is a much better choice to have a professional legal document assistant prepare your divorce papers than to follow some decontextualized advice you find on the Internet. Using a legal document assistant is the absolute best way to complete your low cost divorce in California.

Contact AGillette LDA for Affordable Online Divorce Services Contact AGillette LDA for reasonably priced divorce document services. Check us out by calling 707.308.1639.

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