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New "Documents Only" Service

AGillette LDA offers two types of divorce services, both offered as a flat fee.

  • Traditional Divorce Service - which includes documents preparation, filing with the courts, and case management.

  • NEW "Documents Only" Service - which includes document preparation only for legal forms.

Our NEW "Documents Only" Services option brings our clients who only need help filling out the legal forms, a wonderful budget option. Using AGillette LDA is the easiest and fastest way to complete an uncontested divorce in California.

AGillette LDA's divorce process for both Traditional Services and Documents Only Services:

Step 1: We Prepare Your Petition and Summons

  • Traditional Service: We help you prepare and file your initial petition for divorce with the court.

  • Documents Only Service: We help you prepare your initial petition and summons.

  • Specifically, this petition consists of Summons FL-110, a Petition FL-100, and any other local forms required by your county court. Filing the initial petition with the court provides the clerk an opportunity to assign a case number. Note that this step will require a filing fee.

Step 2: Serve Your Spouse

  • Traditional Service: We will prepare your proof of service, FL-115. We can help you coordinate with a process server to have your spouse served. If your spouse agrees to voluntarily accept service, we will "serve" your spouse for you.

  • Documents Only Service: We help you prepare your Proof of Service.

  • Once you’ve filed the summons, petition, and any other required documents with the court, you will be responsible for ensuring your spouse is served the divorce papers. More specifically, a process server or friend may serve your spouse.

  • Legally speaking, the date and time of service determines the earliest date of termination of the marriage. Therefore, this form is important for proper documentation of this information.

Step 3: Exchange Financial Information

  • Traditional Service: We will help you understand and locate what documents are necessary to provide this required information. We will prepare your disclosure documents, mail serve your spouse, and file which ones need to be filed.

  • Documents Only Service: We help you prepare your disclosure documents.

  • The state of California requires that divorcing couples exchange a detailed list of all community and personal property and debt. Believe it or not, even in a completely uncontested divorce, California couples must exchange this information in at least one preliminary meeting within 60 days of service.

Step 4: Sign a Marital Settlement Agreement

  • Traditional Service: We will help you prepare and file your marriage settlement agreement.

  • Documents Only Service: We do not help with marriage settlement agreements.

  • A marital settlement agreement is a legal document in which divorcing spouses outline all agreed-upon issues, including:

* Child custody and visitation;

* Spousal support;

* Child support;

* Retirement division;

* Real property division;

* Health insurance;

* Tax issues; and

* Division of other property and debt

Step 5: Request to Enter Default

  • Traditional Service: We will help you prepare and file your request to enter default.

  • Documents Only Service: We will help prepare your request to enter default.

  • Parties involved in an uncontested divorce may request to enter default 30 days following the date of service. This request allows the divorce process to continue without the other party paying an extra fee for filing a response.

Step 6: Complete and Submit Your Final Judgment

  • Traditional Service: We will help you prepare and file your judgment packet.

  • Documents Only Service: We will help prepare your judgment packet.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a new way for the In Pro Per individual to move on with their divorce and their lives. We are always working on ways to help people while saving them money.

AGillette LDA is bonded and registered. We strive to provide a high quality, professional alternative to hiring an attorney with our low-cost affordable legal services and legal document preparation. Contact us today for more information about the legal document preparation services we provide.

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