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Divorce is Easier Than You're Made to Think * If you have an uncontested divorce, you could be happily single again in less than a year. In an uncontested divorce, though, you and your wife agree on all the details of your divorce. After filing the paperwork to begin the divorce process, you submit a marital settlement agreement. If all documents are in proper order, the court can finalize your divorce.

* In a contested divorce, one spouse files a divorce petition, and the other files a response. Each party is able to outline their requests about the division of property and other matters of disagreement. A judge then has to decide who gets what.

Why Hire a Legal Document Assistant? If you need legal advice, you will have to talk to a lawyer. On the other hand, California law authorizes non-attorney legal document assistants to prepare court documents, including divorce forms, on behalf of clients. Legal document assistants do not provide legal representation in court, but we have the authority and experience to provide professional legal document preparation sources independently of lawyers. AGillette LDA can Make You Single Again Without Breaking the Bank The best way to have a painless divorce is simple. Start with your assumption that you and your spouse want to move onto a new life as single people, with as little financial damage as possible. Trust a professional with the legal formalities. This eliminates you and your spouse reliving the details of your breakup. Contact AGillette LDA at 707.308.1639 and be sure that your legal divorce documents will be free of errors and will meet legal requirements. AGillette LDA can make the divorce process easy and stress-free.

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