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How Much are Divorce Filing Fees in California?

Statistically, the current state of our world leaves most Americans with less than $400 in a checking or savings account that they could use in an emergency. Which means many do not have extra money for non-emergency, but still important expenses such as getting out of an unhappy marriage.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for many unhappy couples to avoid the truth that they want to get divorced. The good news is that the court will waive the fee if you can demonstrate financial need. The even better news is that you can avoid expensive lawyer fees by having a AGillette LDA prepare your divorce documents without charging too much money on top of the cost of divorce filing fees in California. 435 is Currently the Magic Number The current divorce filing fees for most California courts is $435. This means that, unless you qualify for a waiver of the divorce filing fees, you will be out at least $435 to file for divorce in California. The divorce filing fees are due at the time that you file Form FL-100, the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, and Form FL-110, the Summons. If you and your spouse have minor children together, you will also have to file the Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (Form FL-105) along with Form FL-100 and Form FL-110.

Money Should Not be an Obstacle to Divorce You do not have to be rich to gain independence from your unhappy marriage. In certain instances, the court will grant of waiver of the divorce filing fees. You can obtain a waiver of the court fees if you can demonstrate financial hardship or financial need.

If one of these criteria applies to you, then you do not need to come up with $435 to file for divorce:

  • You receive public assistance, such as food stamps or cash benefits;

  • Your income is below a certain threshold, so you automatically qualify as low-income;

  • Your income is above the low-income threshold but your household expenses are high enough that you still cannot afford the $435 divorce filing fee

Even if you can pay the $435 filing fee, the costs associated with divorce can be intimidating. You can greatly reduce these costs by choosing legal document assistant services instead of paying a lawyer’s hourly rates.

Affordable, Accurate Court Documents for the Rest of Us Having a professional legal document assistant handle your divorce documents can save you money and take the stress out of divorce. Contact AGillette LDA at 707.308.1639 and get started on your path to independence and feeling like yourself again.

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