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Your guide to a Painless Divorce in California

Coming to the realization that your marriage is over is a painful and emotional process. Fortunately, the divorce process does not have to be.

You may worry that getting a divorce will require months or years of stress and will drain your finances. What you do not know is that most couples are able to accomplish a painless divorce without all of that hassle, conflict, and expense. In fact, you might not even need a lawyer. A Legal Document Assistant can prepare your divorce documents for a reasonable price so that you can move onto the next phase of your life.

The In Pro Per Process of a Painless Divorce

Most of the divorce process is just paperwork. Here is an overview of how a painless divorce case works when neither spouse hires a lawyer.

  • One spouse, called the "Petitioner", files a divorce petition, containing their requests for the terms of the divorce. The court will assign a case number to the divorce.

  • The Petitioner notifies the other spouse, called the "Respondent", by having them served with a copy of the divorce petition.

  • Both spouses supply the court with information about their joint and separate assets, income, and expenses.

  • The spouses sign a marital settlement agreement, in which they agree on the terms of their divorce.

  • In as little as six months and one day, from the date of service, the court issues a judgment of dissolution of marriage. You are officially divorced as of the date listed in the judgment.

The most painless divorce process in California is an uncontested divorce. Uncontested means that the spouses do not file separate documents but instead each spouse agrees to the issues of their marriage in a marital settlement agreement (MSA). This allows the Courts to give an official legal recognition that the couple’s are divorced.

A contested divorce does not always mean that you need to hire a lawyer. A contested divorce involves more paperwork and one or more hearings in front of a judge. Sometimes a mediator can help the spouses come to an agreement, in which you can finalize this with a marital settlement agreement (MSA). If you still cannot agree, though, hiring a lawyer or representing yourself at trial are your only choices.

Divorce Does Not Have to be Expensive or Stressful

You do not need to pay a lawyer’s expensive fees just to get your divorce forms, but it does help to have them professionally written. Contact AGillette LDA to have your divorce documents prepared by a registered legal document assistant, who is licensed by the state of California to prepare legal documents professionally but does not charge nearly as much as a lawyer. Give us a call at 707-308-1639 or email us at autumn@agillettelda.com for information about how we can help.

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