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Cultivating Self-Care in the Midst of Legal Problems

One of the most amazing benefits of taking care of your body is… you get a clear mind! A clear mind is vital in times of our “legal problems”.

When we think of “legal problems”, we tend to envision some loss or threat of loss, loss of love, loss of comfort, loss of freedom, etc. The impact of this vision to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies is worth noting.

I have learned the hard way that how we live our lives, greatly impacts how we feel in our bodies, minds, and hearts. So, I extend to you, an offer to consider that taking care of yourself during your “legal problems” (and all other times) is a must. It is your duty to make sure you are cared for.

Here are a few tips to help you along your way:

1. Meditate. Whether you are a pro meditator or never even tried it (and everyone in between) – now is the time to do more of it. Some meditation is better than none. Just take a few minutes, get off media, and focus on your breath. This will focus your mind and help with anxiety.

2. Schedule an hour for a tea date with a book. If you have a busy home, go to a coffee shop of your local library. Make or order a tea that actually nourishes you, like chamomile, holy basil, or mint.

3. Move. We all know that exercise is important and moving your body is good for your health. Make time to walk, run, hike, do yoga, go to the gym, whatever you like! Take the time to notice nature. Smell the air, notice how the wind gently waves tree leaves, listen to the birds.

4. Do lunch. Eating well is hard when there is work to be done, but skipping lunch is not the answer. Try to eat a proper lunch with real food, including vegetables.

5. Experience the healing of art and creativity. We all have a creativity dwelling inside of us and when it’s not expressed, we get depressed and disconnected. Try an art class, perhaps a cooking class. Many classes are being offered online, give it a good.

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