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Co-Parenting Plan - Why They are Important

Do co-parenting conversations with your ex often end in a barrage of angry words, thoughts, and feelings? Do co-parenting conversations with your ex often end in a doable plan?

Whether your situation is amicable or bitter, when there is children involved, it is important to keep their well being the highest priority. The Courts have the authority to make decisions on issues concerning your children, ultimately you and your ex are better suited to create a plan in your children's best interest.

The Importance of a Co-Parenting Plan

Why is a co-parenting plan important? Children need stability and consistency in their lives. Though your relationship has ended, you will need to form a new partnership with your ex that demonstrates to your children that they are secure and loved.

Tips for Creating a Co-Parenting Plan

When writing up your co-parenting plan, keep in mind that the primary goal is to create conflict-free communication. Here are some tips to consider when you and your ex sit down to create a plan:

  • Set aside your differences

  • Use a business-like tone when speaking with your ex

  • Make requests rather than statements that can be misinterpreted as demands

  • Listen

  • Show restraint

  • Communicate frequently

  • Aim for consistency in discipline, rules, and schedules

  • Be clear on medical needs, education, and financial issues

  • Respect your ex in front of your child

  • Compromise

  • Be flexible

  • Encourage your child’s relationship with your ex

  • Respect the visitation schedule

The Co-Parenting Agreement

The co-parenting agreement can specifically identify you and your ex's intentions, rights, responsibilities, and decision-making and conflict resolution approaches. Always remember that the plan is not written in stone and can change as life changes. Therefore, continued open communication with your ex will provide opportunities to change the plan as needed.

Many times working together with your ex may not be easy. However, when you keep your love for your children at the forefront of your efforts, you and your ex can create the nurturing and stable environment your children need.

AGillette LDA Can Help With Co-Parenting Paperwork

Contact AGillette LDA for help preparing your co-parenting agreement and help you define your co-parenting plan. Plus, we can also prepare and file any necessary child custody legal paperwork you may need. Call 707.308.1639 or schedule your free consultation online today to get started.

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